Massage Dorset

How can you relieve stress with an amazing massage in Dorset?

Stress these days is becoming more common, everyone wants to achieve more and more whether it is trying to earn more money to live more comfortably or becoming better physically which is great but it also increases stress levels. In order to release stress you will need a medium which will help you to reduce the level of anxiety and overall, just make you feel better. If this sounds familiar then you have to visit La Vie Spa. Our spa is offers soothing serenity which is helped by being based on the beautiful shores of Portland. Here you can enjoy the soothing waves just by sitting and feeling the stress just drift away. This natural beauty adds to the pleasure of massage, facials and personal grooming. All the treatments offered by us are tailored to help with your physical as well as emotional health.

Verna Haywood is the head therapist with over 20 years’ experience; she has developed her spa to be a relaxing retreat for her customers. It is a renowned salon where you can get diverse range of services from highly trained beauticians. Verna has gained immense knowledge about beauty and its benefits through her amazing experience of travelling all over the world. She is very passionate about her work and uses her skills to serve her clients. She also trains therapists that are working in her spa, improving their skills in handling customers and taking careof their physical and mental health. We provide deep tissue massages which can rejuvenate the bodywith the help of aromatic oilsthat work wonders for body pain. These massage techniques help your body become stress free and relieved from muscle pain.

Our holistic therapy combines both medicinal and massages techniques to help heal pain in the body and mind. Several holistic therapies that are provided for our clients are Indian head massage, reflexology, Hopi ear candle and Swedish body massages. There is another treatment known as Lava Shells Treatment in which we mainly target thetension areas of the body. Lava shells treatments use shells; the heat is generated by adding a gel sachet and an activator liquid into the shell. The shell then releases the calcium ions when they are heated and are transferred into the skin while massaging.

Though we are situated in Dorset, we offer our valuable services throughout Portland and its surrounding areas. If you need any type of spa treatment such as massages, manicures, pedicures or hair treatments, then contact us without any hesitation and we will help you relax and let the stress simply flow away.