Massage Dorset

Spa Therapy and Massage

A woman is expected to be a super mom and a super wife. A man also needs to treat her well and provide her the time where she can get herself pampered and unwind mentally and physically. The perfect solution for this is a Spa day and if you reside in Dorset you need to visit the La Vie Spa.

In the La Vie Spa you can bask in our soothing ambiance with our range of treatments that make you feel special. Our masseurs’ will heal your mind and body with a sensual touch that rejuvenate your energy. Our treatments are guaranteed to relax you with a professional massage in our spa.

Here are some of the services we offer to help you achieve total relaxation;

Elemis Facials 
Spa Therapy 
Beauty Spa 
Personal Grooming 
Holistic Therapies
Lava Shells Treatments

If you want to get the best treatment then you must visit La Vie spa in Portland. When you arrange an appointment with them, you can enjoy a relaxing spa, facials, manicures and pedicures in peace and relaxation. They treat all your emotional stress with their almost magical treatments. They treat you with exotic coconut rubs and rich milk wraps. They prepare all treatments according to gender also.