Holistic Therapies Dorset

Pamper Yourself with a Good Spa from Our Beauty Salon

In today’s heavy schedule everyone is everyone is ready for a break and to get away from all of their problems or you are just simply bored of being in the same place every day. The La Vie Spa in Dorset is a place where you can spend your time in peace.

A good massage or spa session from La Vie Spa can provide the exact thing that your body asks for. All of their spa packages are designed for customers to feel completely energized. All our treatments pamper you from head to toe and make you feel younger than ever before.

The package includes exotic beauty coconut oil massage followed by a tropical scrub to remove dead parts of the skin for a fresh and flawless appearance. You can select among two combinations including Ritual Gold and Caviar Facial and Luxury Manicure with Gel Polish or Luxury OPI Manicure. Intensive therapy using individual face and hair mask is also available for better absorption in the Sauna. The therapeutic relaxation offered by this package is second to none. There are many therapies included La Vie Spa treatment which includes holistic therapies.

When you come to La Vie Spa, you return home with a smile on your face. If you’re not happy with your looks you can even go for a complete personal grooming and just look amazing in your next photo session.